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Go Off Of The Grid

If you are ready to experience the incredible power of the sun and all of its amazing benefits, install an off-grid system. Moosehead Solar in Greenville, Maine, offers the design and installation of off-grid systems that rely solely on the sun for power. As an added benefit, these systems are eligible for a renewable energy tax credit. Learn more about solar systems before making the decision to install one on your property.

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Off-Grid System

A basic off-grid system is composed of a renewable energy source that generates DC power, a battery bank to store the DC power, and an inverter/changer unit. The inverter is the brains of the operation and seamlessly converts DC power to clean, reliable AC electricity for your daily use. It also keeps the batteries charged.

System Installation

Upon making the decision to switch to solar, reach out to us to discuss your electrical demands and requirements. Based on the phone consultation, we prepare a preliminary estimate and send it to you via mail, email, or fax. After reviewing the estimate, we conduct an on-site solar evaluation to establish distances, location for equipment, and to ensure your location is acceptable. We then revise the preliminary estimate to include labor, wiring, and everything within the project scope for a final estimate. Once you've reviewed the final estimate, place a deposit to secure installation while we order equipment. Upon the arrival of the necessary supplies, we schedule a suitable installation appointment.


Grid-Tie With Battery Backup Infographic

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Consumers who install alternative energy systems in their homes prior to December 31, 2016 are eligible for a 30% tax credit. Previous tax credit caps no longer apply. Existing homes, new construction, principal residences, and second homes all qualify. Rentals do not. Systems authorized for the credit include:

• Geothermal Heat Pumps
• Micro-Turbine Systems
• Residential Fuel Cell
• Small Wind Systems
• Solar Electric Systems
• Solar Energy Systems
• Solar Water Heating
Solar Panels For Residential Uses